Another Alton Browncast Update

So I just got ten minutes into the Alton Brown / Geoffrey Zakarian fuddy-off and had to skip ahead to the end of the interview.

The kids today, not wearing suits on planes! What about the majesty of air travel? For fuck's sake.

The rest of it, and the past few weeks, have been fine, but after the last Food Network Star winner, the Food Network Star finalists, the Food Network Star winner, the Food Network Star judges, Ted Allen, and now Zakarian, I'm hoping maybe Brown can get outside the "Food Network Family" a bit more often.

I mean, write what you know, yeah, but 11 episodes in, and we've seen a total of three non-Food-Network guests. Eventually, that ratio will have to change, right? The Food Network doesn't actually create one new on-air talent every week. It just seems like it. Mathematically, he should run out sometime next year, after very brief career retrospectives of all the Canadian one-season wonders the Cooking Channel launched with.

More segments like the insane "rattle around the kitchen tasting weird food combinations people Tweeted you in honor of Chopped host Ted Allen", please.