UPDATE: The Alton Browncast

I really do like the Onion AV Club, which is weird, because I also think that, essentially, they're wrong about everything. Normally, this wrongness takes the form of being over X before it even airs or hits theaters, whatever X is.

But the other day, they talked about the Alton Browncast, and just got it straight-up wrong. So I thought this would be a good time, at the six episode mark, to bring you up to date on where things stand.

No, AV Club, the Bobby Flay interview wasn't the high point. I don't know where that came from, honestly. The high point, beyond a shadow of a doubt, was something you didn't even mention. The Alex Guarnischelli interview, or episode 4. Maybe the AV Club did their writeup after the first three episodes and posted the writeup three weeks late - I don't know how the Internet works when you're getting paid for it - but come on.

Even if you don't care about anything else, seek out this interview, because there's so much going on there, and so much more hinted at (no, not like that, pervs) that doesn't get mentioned explicitly. It's one of those interviews that reveals almost as much about the interviewer as it does the subject. It's fascinating.

The Keith Schroeder (High Road ice cream) interview from #3 is good solid food nerdery. Hugh Acheson of the mighty eyebrows in #5 is good fun. Justin Warner, the Next Food Network Star winner during the season they had teams and he was on Alton's team, made me seek out the one special he got for winning (man, that prize has certainly devalued a ton) on VOD. And told an awesome story about manipulating the reality show format that had me laughing for a solid minute after.

Episode 6 also brought about the inevitable streamlining and refinement of the format. Food news is out as a dedicated segment, which is fine, although it stopped before I had enough data points to really pin Brown down on the ideological spectrum. The time saved there mostly goes to the interview, but there are also longer discussions of specific Brown recipes and the tweaks he's made since then, which is fine by me.

You can actually stream the episodes directliy from nerdist.com, so that's a good way to dip into just the Guarnaschelli bit if you're interested. And you should be.