Next Iron Chef: Redemption

And it's that time again. A seemingly short while after the Unholy Ascent of Zakarian and the point at which I stopped watching Iron Chef America almost by accident, we have a new season of The Next Iron Chef, and it's a Loser's Ball! AKA All-Star Challenge, AKA Iron Chef: Redemption. Which means, with a few hours left before airtime, it's time for a new set of predictions. Here's the cast.

Nate Appleman: From season 2. Kind of a dick, if I recall. He's had a bit of TV experience since then where he was slightly less of a dick.

Duskie Estes: From season 3. I do not remember her at all.

Elizabeth Falkner: THe woman who got beaten by Zakarian in a food TV war crime. I will not be making the mistake I made with her in last season's predictions.

Amanda Freitag: One of the inescapable Food Network personalities. I don't mind her in general, but there was no way she wasn't going to be part of this.

Eric Greenspan: From Season 2. One of those beefy chef dudes who are always part of this and Top Chef.

Alex Guarnachelli: See Freitag. She did well last season, though.

Tim Love: Not a Redemption guy. From Texas. Yay.

Jehangir Mehta: My favorite chef from Season 2.

Spike Mendelsohn: They actually didn't even invite him to this. As soon as they decided to have an all-star season, he sensed it psychically and was waiting outside the conference room. It was too awkward to say "no".

Marcel Vigneron: Fuck, we're redeeming Bravo castoffs in this too? For fuck's sake.

I'm clearly rooting for Falkner and Mehta, in that order. I would love to see Spike and Appleman out early out of vague TV spite. I'd like to see Freitag and Guarnichelli out early just because Food Network insists on keeping them on camera constantly. Everyone else I have no emotional attachment to.

So, elimination order. This is gonna be a lot tougher than last season, because I know less about the contestants despite it being an all-star season, but here we go. From first to last eliminated:


Obviously, I will need to revise the shit out of this after tonight's episode.


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Not bad...

My first pick was in the bottom two, my second pick was in the bottom four. Way off on Love. We'll see about Marcel.

New predictions soon.

Half way through

I've only seen the first half so far and may or may not watch the rest after work. I got annoyed because every year, they go to the beach and every year, the fire goes out so, learning from their mistakes, they went to the beach and the fire went out. Also, Michael Symon is too busy with that stupid talk show on ABC that takes up pretty much all his time these days which means we now have that professional D-bag who shall not be named,

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