The Forkbastard Two-Week Audience Check: I Want More Posts Like This:

The Genesis Of Forkbastard
0% (0 votes)
Techniques (Toasting Pine Nuts, Asparagus Snap, Roasting Potatoes, etc)
15% (8 votes)
Actual Recipes (Goat Cheese Spread, Asparagus Soup, Aioli)
6% (3 votes)
Non-Recipe Dish Discussion (BLT Salad, Steak & Scallops, Tofu Stir-Fry, etc.)
17% (9 votes)
Kitchen Equipment
0% (0 votes)
Junk Food
8% (4 votes)
Restaurant Talk
23% (12 votes)
Ingredients (CSA, BBQ sauce, etc.)
8% (4 votes)
The Stuff I Haven't Gotten To Yet (Politics, Food TV, General Food Writing, Stores)
25% (13 votes)
Total votes: 53


Is there really more to mine

Is there really more to mine about The Genesis Of Forkbastard?  
I support more Techniques, if nothing else I can throw in more of my contridictory info to confuse people.  Aren’t you glad you enabled comments?
Personally (and obviously not in line with the general feelings of the readership) I could do with less of the Actual Recipes.  I'd rather just go hunting if there was an unfamiliar item in a Non-Recipe Dish Discussion 
Sure.  I'm a gadget addict.  lets have more Kitchen Equipment.  (See also techniques)
It's a food blog I expect and want talk about Junk Food, Restaurants, and Ingredients 
The Stuff I Haven't Gotten To Yet.  We'll evaluate the worthyness of that bridge after we cross over it. 

Two Week Review

I most enjoy those blogs that mix everything together, although, that said, I just seperated my own cooking out of my primary blog because it was too easy to just write about cooking. If you can strike a balance that allows you to write about a broad base of food topics according to your personal interests with a mix of the rest of your life thrown in, that's what I would most enjoy. :-)

I've liked everything so

I've liked everything so far.  I vote for an "all of the above" button.

I agree with the first

I agree with the first commenter. All of your articles so far have been great. I've read YAD for years, and always considered you one of the few writers online who could post their grocery list, and I'd read it. Now you have, and it's as entertaining as ever.

Just keep 'em coming!

Bryan, I like ALL your posts so far, and part of the appeal is that you don't limit yourself to just one category of food discussion. I've got you RSS'ed on my Google home page, and damned if I don't get more out of these posts than all my crappy-assed news feeds and other bullshit put together.

Multiple Options

No, you can't vote for more than one thing. It looks like that's not part of the default Drupal module. Feel free to add your thoughts to the comments. I'm not saying I'll necessarily listen or obey, but at least I'll hear.

I live near you, so I'd like

I live near you, so I'd like to see more restaurant writing (waiting for Burger Jones especially).