Korean BBQ Tofu and Vegetables

Here's what I've been laying the groundwork for all evening - the first stirfry on Forkbastard. Like with tacos, I don't consider home stirfries to be a recipe so much as a form factor, although with stirfries there's an added technique element in terms of the order you add things to the pan.

Food in a wok, no big surprise.

Now, I know you can't do proper real stirfrying on a home stove, but you can do a very hot wok saute, and it helps if you have a wok that holds a lot of heat, like, say, a cast-iron enameled beast, which you can leave on a burner for five or six minutes until it's stored up plenty of burn juice.

For this dish, I used:

  • One block of firm tofu, pressed and cubed
  • A healthy pour of Korean BBQ Sauce
  • A couple of red bell peppers, chunked
  • Some sugar snap peas from the CSA, ends trimmed
  • Some crimini mushrooms, half-dried from, well, being in the fridge for a couple of weeks (if you store 'em right, they dry out and don't rot, so they're still usable in the right dishes)
  • Some purple scallions from the CSA, purple ends and green ends thinly sliced and kept separate

That's it. Pour the sauce over the tofu, let it sit for a while, while you prep the veg and heat up the wok. Oil the wok liberally. In goes the tofu first, because it can cook the longest. Enjoy the feeling of exploding oil on your arms. After a couple of minutes, toss in the the purple ends of the scallions and mushrooms, because the scallions are a background aromatic and the mushrooms are dried out and can take up any excess liquid from the other ingredients. Another minute or so, followed by snap peas. Another minute or so, bell peppers. Another 30 seconds or so, toss in the green scallion ends and shut off the heat.

Do I have to say stirring constantly? It's a stir-fry. Kind of figured that was a given.

Anyway, let the wok sit until the food stops cooking from the residual heat, then serve the whole thing over your favorite rice. As with anything like this, the protein, the vegetables, and the sauce are all optional. All that matters is the heat and that you put everything in the work in order based on how long you want it to cook.