A Few Things You Should Know

A few notes.

If you don't watch No Reservations regularly, make an effort to seek out the most recent episode, on the closing of Ferran Adria's "El Bulli". Not only is it awesomely foodporny, but Bourdain and his crew do a beyond exemplary job of really demonstrating, in just 44 minutes of video, where the restaurant came from and why it, and Adria, are so incredibly important. Fabulous television.

It turns out the magical flavors of basil, balsamic, garlic, and pine nuts work just fine with sauteed kale. And if you happen to have a few cherry tomatoes to warm through at the end along with it, so much the better.

I cannot believe I have never posted here about crack dip, a.k.a. the Lambert Ancestral Dip. I really thought I had, but both the site's search and Google say otherwise. I will rectify that shortly.

I can't believe I haven't hit a single foot truck this season. Actually, I can believe it. I even understand why. Timing, hassle, money, and not wanting leftovers to go bad, especially during CSA season. But that doesn't mean I have to like it. There's a goddamned arepas truck in downtown Minneapolis. AREPAS. In Minneapolis.