America's Next Great Vacant Food Court

Well, that didn't take long.

Two months ago, upon the airing of the season finale of America's Next Great Restaurant, three branches of fast-casual soul food joint Soul Daddy opened up. Six weeks later, two of them closed, leaving only the Mall of America joint standing.

Now Soul Daddy is Soul Deady.

I'm not going to say anything about the restaurant or the restauranteur/contestant. I didn't go, I didn't eat the food, because there's no way I'm taking a special trip to the Megamall just to eat at a place that won a TV show.

But I'm pretty sure this does mean two things - first, that there's not gonna be a Great Restaurant Season 2, and second, that apparently Steve Ells, Curtis Stone, Bobby Flay, and Lorena Garcia don't know shit about shit.

I mean, yeah, reality show. Fake as hell. Four different judges allegedly making a group decision, and the producers obviously putting their two cents in. But it still looks really awful to have these four food luminaries and business experts spend weeks narrowing down contenders to ultimately settle on a place that didn't even last as long as Flavor Flav's chicken joint.

I think I'll blame Bobby Flay, just because that's the most fun.