Back To Basics

So we are officially ensconced, which means one thing. An entire week of Taco Bell and fast casual has to thankfully come to an end. Time to get back to cooking my own damn food.

And it's turning out to be a lot like the backwards version of the weeks leading up to the move. Simple dishes I know how to do under normal circumstances, dishes from the repertoire. Dishes that let me try out the new gear, unpack tools a few at a time as I need them, that kind of thing.

And that, more than anything else, means... chili. I know you probably thought I was gonna say "tacos" there, but tacos require a set of accoutrements, like tortillas and salsa and other toppings, that were in short supply. I still haven't made a proper grocery run yet, but I had a couple of short ribs, a basket of onions and garlic, a few spices, and canned beans and tomatoes.

Ergo, chili. I didn't even have the camera ready to take a picture of it. But it did teach me two things - that the alleged "power boost" burner on my stove is not as impressive as I'd hoped it would be, and that vent hoods continue to be awesome.

And tonight was a coconut curry stir-fry with a special bonus ingredient that I'll be posting about later. It's most notable for producing enough dishes that I'm giving the new dishwasher a second chance to not leave a bunch of strange non-food dried gunk on my dishes. We'll see how that goes, or whether I'll just be using it as an under-counter dish drainer for the foreseeable future.