A Few Things

First, I've had to shut off comments without logging in first. Way too much spam, and it's tough with the moving and all to stay on top of deleting them. And Mikey's really busy, so even if there's something that can be done behind the scenes beyond the basic updates he's already done, it'll have to wait.

Spent two hours this afternoon making my new kitchen as close to spotless as I can make it. Photos as soon as I can manage to pull them off the camera.

Scorecard for the fifty days: Two cheats at Taco Bell, a couple of meals on someone else's dime, and everything else was an almost monastic devotion to home cooking and the reheating of convenience foods from Trader Joe's.

Celebratory meal was -going- to be Mix Fusion Bistro, but they were closed. I don't know if they were closed for good - it didn't look like the space had been vacated - but it certainly wasn't open at 5:30 on a Thursday, which is not what the posted hours said should have happened. So we went to Smashburger and ate fried pickles.

You know that grill I said I needed? Menards had them on sale. Through Sunday. There's one in its box in my new garage RIGHT NOW, but it'll probably be at least two weeks before I dare to consider putting it together, seasoning the cast-iron grates, etc. It's purty, though.