Awful Name, Promising Premise

So, Richard Blais is getting a show.

You know, Richard Blais? Top Chef runner-up? Top Chef All-Star contestant? Cat Cora sous chef on ICA? Lover of liquid nitrogen, with a pretty solid grasp of the molecular gastronomy basics, even if it's very second-wave, using techinques other people thought up first, kind of stuff?

Yeah, he's getting a show. Premieres December 17. On, of all things, the Science Channel. And it's called "Blais Off".

So congratulations to Next Food Network Star contestant Nathan Lyon! Your "A Lyon In The Kitchen" is now the third-worst food show title with a chef's name in it. Aarti Party is now a close second. Without knowing the premise of the show, it's not even possible to understand that "Blais Off" is a play on "Face Off", and not a masturbatory act involving liquid nitrogen.


The premise of the show is basically a nerd version of Throwdown. Blais travels around the country, trying to one-up classic American dishes using SCIENCE! His molecular gastro version will take on the classic head to head in some kind of judging-based scenario.

I love this idea. I don't expect the judging to be any more... trustable than it is on Throwdown, because it should be blatantly obvious whose dish is whose. But I'm looking forward to seeing just how versatile Blais' bag of tricks is, and there's never been a show that really focuses on molecular gastronomy. The occasional episode, feature, or contestant, yes, but never a show.

Tune in December 18 for my hilarious bitter disappointment if it sucks.