Random Notes

A few items, mostly Alton Brown related:

First, if you love Alton Brown, and want to love him even more than you ever thought possible, go right now and read this Onion AV Club interview with him. Two key words - plane, and bullet.

Second, one of the reasons he gave the interview was to promote the Good Eats 10th Anniversary Special, which will not only be airing tomorrow night, but will apparently be a LIVE variety show. I suspect it will need to be seen to be believed.

Third, the other reason he was giving the interview was to promote Good Eats: The Early Years, the first in a planned series of three cookbooks spanning the entire history of the show, with retested, remastered recipes. Immediately after learning about this book, I saw a giant stack of them at Costco for twenty bucks a piece, and it will be mine. Oh, how it will be mine.

And next to it, at the very same Costco? Damn Good Food: 157 Recipes from Hell's Kitchen. Not the shitty TV show, but the awesome restaurant here in Minneapolis. A quick check of the contents told me the only thing I need to know so that they'll get my seventeen bucks or so - it has their ketchup recipe. Their ketchup is so good, I order dishes with fries just so I can dip them in this ketchup. And now, with this recipe, and apparently a can of pear halves (!), I can make four cups of the stuff in the comfort of my own home. This needs to happen.

And while we're discussing things they had at Costco that I didn't buy because Brutal Legend comes out on Tuesday, they were carrying skirt steak. Now, I work with flank steak all the time. I love it. Had it for dinner tonight, actually - grilled off with a roasted red pepper hummus and a cucumber-red bell pepper salad, thanks for asking - but I've never worked with skirt steak and I've always wanted to. Hope they keep selling it.



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AB's Book

I got the Good Eats book from Amazon on release day. Really cool with lots of insider info.
Skirt steak at Costco? Yum!  Treat skirt steak just like flank, but your cooking times will be a lot faster because its a lot thinner.

Skirt steak

Mmmm... next we should try blouse loin or bra loaf.
BTW do let us know how the ketchup comes out.

10th Anniversary Special

Saw this last night.  And now I know why AB was so scarily thin.  Like a walking bone.  I'm just glad it was on purpose.
But the show was fun.  Ted Allen co-hosted.  It was nutty as expected.

The show was not Live.  It

The show was not Live.  It was not even Live to tape.  it had a Live audience.  That's all.
The regular peopkle in the trivia sketch were Atlanta actors.
I was not invited.
I can’t think of any other complaints.  


I didn't think it was going to be live either, but the AV Club article misled me. Or I misread it. Either way, I was clearly deceived in a way that cannot possibly be my fault.


Seeing MISLED took me straight to "She's as heavy as a Chevy..."

I was an AB super fan back in

I was an AB super fan back in the day.  I loved his first book.  It's right up there just behind "Joy of Cooking" for basic reference value.  I greatly prefer the "how things work" approach so I can just go do my own thing later...with varying results of course, sigh.  As his focus went to skits and puppets I lost a bit of the magic but still was a fan.
But this interview?  Wow...if he wasn't talking food I have a strong feeling his thoughts and views would make him a contender for YAD.  This never crossed your mind?  Seriously?
Oh well, at least I have Forkbastard now : )


Not only did it not cross my mind, I can't even imagine what in that interview could have prompted your reaction.

I don't know what that poster

I don't know what that poster was on about, but the interview did make me a bit sad. Ab does not enjoy cooking for inherent reasons?  He now eats nothing but homogenized fruit slurry and sardines? His favorite city is not where he has chosen to live for more than a decade?  And, considering I always want to run into AB at the Airport like my friend did once, the private air travel was disheartening.  
But none of that is dumb…Uh, I guess his comments about the network's influence over the show was a little contradictory?  Yeah, I don;t get the YAD comment.  

AB Interview

The bit about the food intake was sad, assuming it wasn't facetious, but that's a health thing, I guess. The network influence is only contradictory in that the whole business of art vs. commerce is contradictory. He makes whatever he can convince Food Network to pay for, and if they won't pay for it today, maybe they'll pay for it down the road when he convinces them, like with the parsnip episode.
I did end up getting both books, by the way - I'm hoping to make the ketchup this weekend, and the AB book is a thing of beauty.

Yeah, like I said, sad, but

Yeah, like I said, sad, but not unreasonable or dumb. The dumb part maybe was when he said he didn’t understand the slow food movement, which I assume was some kind of misquoting or something.  The context of the rest of the paragraph bears that out.  Then it becomes a disagreement about the likely efficacy of the movement.  

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