Blatant Cross-Promotion

Of interest to those of you who may not read both - the Friday You Are Dumb column deals, at least tangentially, with the nascent boycott of Whole Foods over the CEO's editorial on health care reform.

I say tangentially because it's mainly an excuse to make jokes at the expense of idjits. Quelle surprise.



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Tears, man.

That YAD installment was so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. However, while Whole Foods may be a place the lower-class henchmen of the Tea Party could never afford to shop, it may not be such an inconsistency for their wealthy neo-con masters.
I boycott evil corporate entities and buy organic whenever I can. It nearly bankrupts me - but I STILL don't shop at Whole Foods! The closest one is up in Yorkville, which is the wealthiest part of Toronto within walking distance of my apartment. Limousines roll by on a regular basis, and perfumed ladies and men in business suits mill around with their noses aloft. The air is cleaner, the buildings are shinier....even the panhandlers are of a different caliber - sidewalk painters, caricature artists, or talented musicians down on their luck.
When I discovered this, as well as copies of The Economist and the New Yorker on the newsstand the ONE time I went shopping there (and got a $75 half-basket), I realized that Whole Foods isn't an oasis for hippies, health fanatics, or people who actually care. It's somewhere rich people can go to purchase the nutritious, un-fucked-with food that's being systematically denied to the lower classes. It's almost as if there were forces out there that WANT us to be limp, fat, apathetic, malnourished, weak...AND not covered by healthcare plans.

Whole Foods

Here, Whole Foods is a bit less egregious. I go there mainly because it's actually my closest grocery store, and they have a couple of staples. OK, one staple, the big-ass cans of store-brand olive oil.
They're not as bad as I mocked them for in the column - I mean, they're not great, here, but we have plenty of co-op competition to keep them marginally honest. Me, i don't boycott so much as aggregate data points for an overall like/dislike ratio. So I don't boycott Wal-Mart per se, I just end up almost never going there.

Whole Foods ...

.... there are a couple of Whole Foods locations in the San Francisco Bay Area that are definitely patronized by the 'rich people' - the parking lot is full of luxury SUVs and attitude, and people in the store are grumpy in the way that only rich people seem to be capable of, as if being near anything remotely plebian is going to rub off on them.
"We're going to Whole Foods? But ... that's outside our gated community. There are 'average' people there!"

It could just be the

It could just be the Yorkville neighborhood itself is tainting that particular Whole Foods to the point of lunacy - perhaps similar to what you've seen, Nick - complete with the attitude. There don't seem to be a lot of large competitors in that area, either. In any case, I end up getting most of my organic foodstuffs through a delivery service that purchases seasonally in bulk from local farmers - so not exactly a CSA, but about as close as I can get here. It's nice because it's eco-friendly, sustainable, AND caters to my laziness.
For the rest of my shopping, I have more of a points system too (weigh good vs. evil, affordable vs. expensive, tasty vs. crap). If I'm broke or in a pinch, I'll occasionally toss Unilever or Kraft or some other evil entity a few dollars, but I try to minimize this. I mainly "boycott" companies like Nestle and PepsiCo that are completely and unapologetically fucking heinous.
As for WalMart, I stopped shopping there a couple years ago, partly due to ethical concerns, and partly because it gives me panic attacks. There's just something about all the aisles blocked by 800 pound elderly scooter-bound shoppers, and mothers with 9 screaming, sticky children in tow, and checkout lanes like cattle cages that....feels like slow suffocation and death. It's not because I look down on WalMart patrons (I'm far below middle-class myself, and hardly model-thin). It's...because WalMart as an entity is actively contributing to their customers' misery, and they don't even realize it. It's soul-destroying.

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