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Dorkfood DSV

Around May of last year, I believe, was when I heard about the Dorkfood DSV, a relatively inexpensive temperature controller that allowed you to use a basic slow cooker as a sous vide water bath cooker.

A month or so later, I saw a 7 quart, stainless steal, manual Crock Pot on sale at Target for $35, intending to pair it with the DSV when the hundred buck asking price became free and clear.

Breakfast of Goddamned Champions

Woke up this morning with the sun shining, the promise of melting snow on the horizon, and an idea for breakfast using up some stuff that I had in the fridge.

For the bottom layer, it's just garlic and spinach. And salt and pepper. Because what more do you need, really? A bit of oil in a pan, sauté the garlic a bit, toss with the spinach, then move off to a plate.

WSK's Mamacita Chicken

There's an inherent, understood cruelty to food blogging. Most of the food I write about is stuff you'll never eat. Either you don't live here, or you live here but aren't near the places I'm near. Or you can't eat my food, or you won't make my food in the same way with the same ingredients so it'll be your food. And it'll be good, but it won't be the same food.

That cruelty is amplified when menu items disappear after a short time. I'm warning you in advance. Very few of you will probably eat the Mamacita Chicken at World Street Kitchen, and that, my friends, is a goddamned shame.

Sodastream: The One Month Report

So, I've got a month of Sodastream under my belt, and the results are, well, mixed. Or at least gently shaken.

First and foremost, the device does work as advertised. Take a liter of cold water, attach it to the Sodastream, press the button, and you will get carbonated water. Add syrup to that carbonated water and you will indeed get soda. What, exactly, you get out of it and how much you spend to get it? Well, that's where things get tricky.

HISMFV: Tool Acquisition

Continuing with the fall catchup theme, in, I believe, late October or early November, Costco put a four-pack of KitchenAid ceramic knives on sale for $25, normally $30.

HISMFV: The Great Harvest

Oh, what harvesting there was this fall. Overall, I'd call it a pretty successful gardening year - here's all the stuff I planted and how it turned out.

HERBS: The big winners this year were the basils. The Thai basil and lime basil grew like gangbusters. I ended up drying a ton of the herbs by putting the leaves between layers of paper towels, warming the oven to 175, turning off the oven, putting the whole thing in the oven, repeat. As layers dried, I removed them.

HISMFV: Making My Own Indurritos

When last we left Forkbastard, I'd just tried the Indian burritos from Hot Indian Foods. About a week later, I felt compelled to try to make my own.

How I Spent My Fall Vacation - Restaurants

So, yes, I semi-inadvertently took a couple of months off from Forkbastard. Part burnout, part lack of free time, part Marvel Puzzle Quest, and part lack-of-writing inertia. So it's time to travel back and tell you all How I Spent My Fall Vacation in a series of catch-up posts.

Hot Indian Food Truck

Mid to late summer is an awful time for me to be going to food trucks. I mean, it's a great time from the truck's perspective, The weather's great, people are out in the streets, etcetera. But it's also the time that I have lots of produce, lots of cooking to do, and lots of leftovers. And if the leftovers have to be eaten for lunch, then the food truck delicacies can't be.

But I recently hit Marquette for the first time in months, and finally got to try the Hot Indian Food truck. Which is good, because it was great, and bad, because now I have a new addiction. THE FRITES.

CSA Week 16: Still Summer In The Box

I'm not sure how it's happening, but I almost wish there were more vegetables. Except for the Tomato Problem, and a lingering Sweet Pepper problem only somewhat ameliorated by a quart of pepper relish, I'm tearing through vegetables at a nigh-alarming rate just through regular cooking. I like that.

Week-Non-Specific Leftovers: Red beans, the carrot collection, the sweet pepper bag of doom.
Week Nine Leftovers: The watermelon.
Week Twelve Leftovers: The beets.
Week Fourteen Leftovers: Cantaloupe, Edamame, some tomatoes.

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