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The acronym, obviously, stands for Things You Didn't Know That Don't Really Surprise You When You Learn Them From A Podcast.

Anyway, it turns out that James Randi says "Duh!" a lot to describe the obvious truth stupid people don't know, if the Nerdist Podcast is any indication.

I didn't know that, but in retrospect, if anyone should, it's Randi.

Nerd Super Bowl Wrapup

And so, the Nerd Super Bowl is over. And I have to say, going in with low expectations did not hurt. Let's revisit the predictions and results real quick.


It did drag. There's no doubt about that. But at least two of the matches I expected to suck like the void itself ended up being pretty damn entertaining. A 30% smaller turd than I was expecting.

WWE World Title: Brock Lesnar (C) vs. Roman Reigns

Oh, The Metahumanity (Mar 24-25)

I'm not sold on the format I used last week, but I still want to talk about the plot developments on the big three superhero shows, so let's just get into it in a more straightforward way.


Nicely done - it's rare you see a time travel undoing things story that starts right off the bat with the Captain Sensible notion of eliminating the threat right at the beginning. Which of course reveals a different threat hiding in the background.

At Midnight Power Rankings: Mar 23-26

Interesting week on @midnight - Wednesday brought us the winner of the #PointsMe challenge, which turned out to be a bit of a ringer - comedian and frequent Doug Loves Movies guest Chris Cubas won the prize and got to have his previous accomplishments seriously underplayed to make him seem less established than he is. But that's better than having someone win who can't perform. Anyway, here are last week's Power Rankings"

1. Steve Agee (W)
2. Rhys Darby (M)
3. Kyle Kinane (M)
4. Chris Cubas (W)
5. Tom Lennon (W)
6. Fortune Feimster (T)
7. Moshe Kasher (T)
8. Ben Gleib (T)

Wrestlemania 31 Predictions

Based on the You Are Dumb principle that a cynic is rarely disappointed and occasionally surprised, my Wrestlemania 31 predictions will come in two forms for every match - what I as a cynic think WILL happen, and what I want to happen, even though it'd surprise the shit out of me if it did.

Weekly Wrasslin' Roundup - Pre-Wrestlemania Edition

Let's face it. The Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup is really just an exploration of whether Lucha Underground or NXT were better that week. That's never going to change.

Take this week. Raw was boring and Smackdown was barely a show, with an opening match and a closing match and nothing but Wrestlemania hype in the middle. Of a two hour show. Thank fuck for DVR's.

MATCH OF THE WEEK: Kevin Owens v. Finn Balor, NXT Championship

@midnight Power Rankings: 3/16-19

Another week, another set of @midnight Power Rankings. As always, this is a purely subjective ranking based upon show performance and not a judgment on the individuals involved, their talent, or any effects of writing and editing.

1. Ron Funches (W)
2. Ricky Velez (M)
3. Alice Wetterlund (M)
4. April Richardson (T)
5. Jesse Joyce (M)
6. Paul Scheer (T)
7. Erinn Hayes (Th)
8. Rob Huebel (Th)
9. Sean Patton (T)
10. David Wain (Th)
11. Bianca Kajlich (W)
12. Rick Glassman (W)

Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup, 3/16-20

Shows watched: Monday Night Raw, Lucha Underground, NXT, Smackdown

Still behind on: New Japan Pro Wrestling (three weeks behind, watched two over the weekend, one OK one good.)

Match of the Week:

Mil Muertes vs. Fenix, Grave Consequences, Lucha Underground.

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