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@midnight Power Rankings

@midnight comes back from a couple of weeks off with a fairly weak set of shows. Riki Lindholme walks away with the week's MVP, with special bonus points to Ashley Williams for a strong performance in the second half of an otherwise lackluster Jim Gaffigan Show ep on Wednesday. Also, that thing Matt Besser does every time he's on the show continues to almost, but not quite, work.

Individual Rankings:

Riki Lindholme (M)
Jason Ritter (M)
Michael Ian Black (M)
Alice Wetterlund (T)
Hari Kondabolu (T)
Ashley Williams (W)
Horatio Sanz (Th)
Jerry Minor (Th)
Randall Park (T)

Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (July 20-23)

Battleground is on the books as one of the most disappointing PPV's of the year, and the week following it in WWE programming is basically saying that either WWE doesn't know what it's Summerslam plans are beyond Brock-Taker, or they know and aren't going to tell us. And there's only three hours of Lucha Underground left before the wait for Season 2 begins.



So. Ant-Man.

The thing about Ant-Man is that it gets judget at least three ways. As a movie, as a superhero movie, and as a Marvel movie, and all three give you different results.

It fares best as a superhero movie. It's way better than Green Lantern or Man of Steel, more comfortable than X-Men First Class, less convoluted than Days of Future Past, better looking and better action than The Wolverine, and way, way smarter than the Garfield Spider-Mans.

Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (July 13-17)

One week from Battleground, and the WWE has one, count it, one match that I'm even remotely interested in. All other matches pale by comparison. Kevin Owens, and to a lesser extent, John Cena, is making the rest of the roster dull by comparison and also dull because of a bunch of shitty booking.


DCCU Trailers: My Top Three Hates

San Diego Comic Con came and went, and left in its wake were trailers for both Suicide Squad and Batman Vs. Superman.

I make no bones about my hate for Zack Snyder, Man of Steel, or the DC Cinematic Universe taking it's no-joy, no-fun cues from self-hating superhero movies like Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. But I'd harbored secret hopes for Suicide Squad, because sometimes, Suicide Squad has been a dark comedy, and maybe some of that would leak through. Nope.

The three biggest things I hated from the Suicide Squad trailer:

Destination: Cable Box (July 15)

And so we wrap up the general-purpose taping for a week. Wednesday is also a heavy taping day but it's not so bad because most of it I, um, don't watch.

Ring Of Honor Wrestling and Impact Wrestling

Destination: Cable Box (July 14)

Tuesdays are usually a big day for recordings, although with Inside Amy Schumer having wrapped its season last week, it's a little lighter than normal.

Another Period

It's broad, it's crude, it's brutal, and it's hilarious. It's chock full of comedy talent, and tonight, Jack Black sings "20't Century swimsuits" in an old-timey crooner voice which I apparently cannot get enough of.

The Meltdown With Jonah And Kumail

Destination: Cable Box (July 13)

Did I forget to do this today? Maaaaaaaybe. Am I going to pretend half this stuff didn't already record? Maaaaaaybe.

Monday Night RAW

If I didn't record it and watch it, how could I complain about it?

Gravity Falls

One of the greatest cartoons on television returns (returned) tonight for the back half of its second season, after a huge cliffhanger and major things happening. If you don't watch it, you should figure out how to start from the beginning. It's got Kristen Schaal in it, for fuck's sake.

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Destination: Cable Box (July 11/12)

Couldn't post yesterday, but none of my regularly scheduled shows air on Saturday anyway. I did record Andy Samberg's "Seven Days in Hell" off of HBO and Bridget Everett's "Gynecological Wonder" special off of Comedy Central, but who knows when I'll get around to watching them.

On deck tonight:


I've been enjoying the revival since it started up this summer. Everything surrounding the fights is completely fucking ridiculous and overblown, but the fights themselves are fun and they do a nice job of establishing continuity with the old show.

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